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Aberdeen and Scotland

Aberdeen - The City and the Shire

Aberdeen - 'The Granite City' is the capital of Grampian and is famous for its sparkling granite buildings, well preserved history and North Sea oil. It is the gateway to Scotland's castle and whisky country and is home to more castles than any other area in the UK. Aberdeen has one of Scotland's most striking skylines, and the granite buildings give the city its distinctive look, whilst old Aberdeen and the fishing village of Footdee, have an indelible air of a bygone era. It was in Old Aberdeen that Bishop Elphinstone established Aberdeen's first University, King's College, in 1495. In 1593 Aberdeen's second university was founded - at a time when there were only two in the whole of England. These two colleges united in the 19th Century to form the present day University of Aberdeen.

Image courtesy Aberdeen Convention Bureau.

Aberdeen has a strong history and connection with the ocean, with a striking coastline of vast empty beaches, interspersed with picturesque fishing villages and dramatic cliff top scenery all waiting to be explored. 

Some ten minutes drive to the North of the City of Aberdeen you will find the world renowned Sands of Forvie. This is a protected site due to both the wild life present and the extensive area of sand dunes. Terns in particular are to be found here in large numbers.

The site is open to visitors at all times, providing an enthralling walk along the banks of the River Ythan, through the sand dunes including one of the largest sand dunes to be found in Europe, to the sea. Approximately one mile of beach leads North, at the end of which, you may return to the start point, or continue to Hackley Bay, and then return to the start point.

If you would like further information about Aberdeen and its environs, VisitScotland Aberdeen and Grampian  will be pleased to assist.

Location map - Aberdeen City 


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