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Student Poster Programme

Student Poster Programme and Competition

Supported by the Research Directorate-General of the European Commission


Posters will be on display at the following times


Tuesday - 2 - 4 pm (in the Exhibition Arena)

Wednesday - all day (in the Exhibition Arena)

Thursday - all day (in the Exhibition Arena)

Friday - all day (in the Fleming Auditorium Arena)


Poster prizes will be awarded at the Conference Banquet on Wednesday Evening


1.       Morgan Adams, The Robert Gordon Univ, Scotland, Novel Tracers for Environmental Applications (070131-048)

2.       Piehl Harms Angela, University of Bergen, Norway, Physical Qualification and Quantification of the Water Masses in the Kongsfjorden-Krossfjorden System Cross Section (061215-086)

3.       Nicholas Burns, The University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Data extraction from underwater holograms of marine organisms (070130-004)

4.       Tomasz Gorski, Instytut Radioelektroniki, Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna, Poland, Target Detection using HF radar data (061215-066)

5.       Yan Hou, University of Southampton, United Kingdom Behaviour-based Rules with Fuzzy Logic Controlled Priority Weights in Mutil-UUVs Team Cooperation (070119-001)

6.       Matthew Johnson-Roberson, Australian Centre for Field Robotics, Australia, Three Dimensional Heterogenous Imaging Sensor Correspondence and Registration for Visualization (061215-127)

7.       Thibaut Lurton, GET-ENST Bretagne, France, A Simulation of the Synthetic Aperture Radar Observation of a Manufactured Object in Sea Clutter using Finite Differences (070129-003)

8.       Iñigo Martinez, FRS Marine Laboratory, Scotland, What impact do North Sea oil and gas platforms have on demersal fish population ecology? (061215-040)

9.       Derrick Mirikitani, Goldsmiths College, England, Day Ahead Ocean Swell Forecasting With Recursively Regularized Recurrent Neural Networks (070131-043)

10.   Edward Pilbrow, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, An Active Beacon for Measuring the Tow-Path of a Synthetic Aperture Sonar: Purau Bay sea trial results (070130-003)

11.   Lee Pius, National University of Singapore, Singapore, Comparison of data delivery schemes for Underwater Sensor Networks (061120-001)

12.   Sergi Pons, Marine Technology Unit (CMIMA-CSIC), Spain, Monolithic Spectrometer for Environmental Monitoring Applications, (070129-004)

13.   Ruben Quesada, EPSC-UPC, Spain, Wavelet Denoising Technique to minimize the noise effects on oceanic microstructure data (061215-073)

14.   Jeffrey Rogers, Duke University, USA, A Study of Active Sonar Reverberation using Ultrasonic Experiments in a Shallow-water Tank (061215-122)

15.   Ejria Sibadogil, Borneo Marine Research Institute, Malaysia, Water circulation in Darvel Bay, Sabah, Malaysia (061216-001)

16.   Manuel Toscano-Jiminez, University of Sevilla, Spain, Using Oceanography To Control And Forecast Nuclear Accidents And Other Passive Particles Problems (061215-009)

17.   Naomi Turner, The Robert Gordon University, Scotland, The Development of a Tidal Turbine for Deployment in areas with Slow moving Tidal flows (070131-015)

18.   Richard Veitch, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Reconfigurable Hardware Applied to Holographic Reconstruction (070131-016)

19.   Zhenhai Wang, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA, Time Frequency Domain Blind Source Separation in Underwater Wireless Speech Communication (070131-080)

20.   Fang Xu, Xiamen University, Fujian, China, A novel implementation of carrier interferometry OFDM in an underwater acoustic channel (070131-033)

21.   Zhengyi Xu, University of York, England, Space-time signal processing of ofdm signals in fast-varying underwater acoustic channel (061215-079)

22.   Tomoko Yoshiki, Soka University, Japan, The pressurizing system for observation of marine zooplankton (070131-023)




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