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Author Instructions

Dear Author,

On the behalf of the Local Technical Programme Committee, we would like to thank you for your participation in our technical programme and warmly welcome you to Aberdeen. Your technical contributions are the key to making this conference a success.

Your session chair will be contacting you soon asking you for a c.v. or bio-data to help with his/her introductions. Please try to provide that when asked. Also, if you have not already done so, you can check details of your session, including timing, chairs, etc., on the conference website

The website also provides information on social events and tours in and around Aberdeen. It also provides information about various accommodations available. Please book your hotels as soon as possible, if you have not already done so. Hotel rooms are only block booked at preferential rates until 1st June. Please also book your tours as soon as possible as availability cannot be guaranteed onsite.

As a presenter, we ask you to follow the instructions below:

  • Presentation will be limited to 15 minutes with 2-3 minutes for questions. The session chairs have been asked to give each speaker a two minute warning before the scheduled end of the talk.
  • We ask that the presentations run on schedule since many attendees move among sessions to hear specific papers. This means there is only a short 3 minute (max) transition between speakers, so please be prepared for your time slot.
  • You are requested to go to the Speakers Preview Room to get your presentation uploaded the evening prior to (for morning sessions) or by 1:00 pm on the day of (for afternoon sessions) the scheduled presentation.
  • You are strongly urged to meet the session chairs, if possible, well ahead of your session. However, plan to arrive at your sessions about 15 minutes before the session starts to meet the session chairs and receive any last minute information.
  • Please keep the needs of your viewers in mind: use large fonts, contrasting backgrounds, tasteful colours, and be fluent in your presentation.
  • Please dry run your briefings prior to the conference to practice your timing. The quality of your presentation will be very important in determining the overall quality of the meeting.
  • English is the official language for paper presentation. If an author is not sufficiently fluent in English to present his/her paper, or if an author cannot present the paper for any other reason, make arrangements for a substitute presenter in consultation with the Session Chairs.
  • Oral presentation of your paper is mandatory for publication of your article in the IEEE Conference Proceedings.

In order to promote smooth transition from one presenter to the next, the conference will provide a data projector and a laptop in each room. The presentation specifications are as follows:

Version: The standard PowerPoint version is 2003 and Windows XP Pro is the computer operating system. If possible presentations should be complied in this format as problems could arise with animations if other formats are used.

Fonts: If any non standard fonts have been used in a presentation these will have to be supplied for loading on the computer.

Video: If video clips are to be used in the presentation these video clips have to be brought along with the presentation. If video is to be played from a DVD please ensure it is in Region 2/UK format.

Files: The files can be received onsite on CD/DVD Rom or Memory Stick. Presentations should be submitted at the Speakers Preview Room (Room 12/14) well in advance of your presentation time slot. Please note presentations will NOT be accepted by any method in advance of the conference.

Please contact Steve Morrison, Assistant AV/IT Manager ( at the conference centre if you have any AV/IT related queries.

If you need anything else, even a viewgraph projector or OHP, let us know in advance of the conference so we can schedule those resources.

Looking forward to seeing you in Aberdeen.

Dr. Thanga Thevar & Dr. David Green
Joint Technical Program Chairs
OCEANS '07 IEEE Aberdeen



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