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IEEE/OES Oceans is coming to Aberdeen, Scotland in 2007

First Time in the UK!

The prestigious Oceans Conference and Exhibition is coming to Aberdeen, Scotland on 18-21 June 2007. This major international conference is run under the auspices of the Oceanic Engineering Society (OES) and its parent organisation The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

Oceans has a long-established history and global pedigree and is regarded equally favourably by industrialists and academics alike. It is intended to promote and disseminate knowledge, understanding and awareness amongst engineers and scientists in Marine Technology, Oceans Science and Oceanic Engineering. Its remit is to bring the major players in the field together with the up-and-coming young scientists and students in a forum of easy interaction and interchange of knowledge and experience in order to enhance our appreciation of the role the Oceans play in our lives and environment and how to utilise the technology to achieve this.

Since June 2005, IEEE/OES is now offering two Oceans conferences every year: one in North America and the other alternating between Europe (in odd years) and Asia/Pacific (in even years). The Aberdeen event will be the FIRST time Oceans has come to the United Kingdom.

The programme includes plenary and keynote speakers addressing the challenges facing Ocean Engineering.

An exciting social programme with a distincly Scottish flavour includes a banquet at the picturesque and historic Fyvie Castle.

Oceans07 Aberdeen will provide the premier forum for scientists, engineers and end-users world-wide to present their latest research, innovation, ideas and developments in all areas of oceanic engineering in 2007. Our chosen theme of Marine Challenges: coastline to deep sea highlights the significant challenges, from the shallowest waters around our coasts to the deepest subsea trenches, which still face marine and oceanic engineers in our drive to understand the complexities of the world's oceans and our ability to utilise, explore and preserve this unique environment. This theme also underpins the diversity and range of work covered by the field of oceanic engineering and the impact that research in this field has in the broader context.


Oceans07 Aberdeen will feature a wide range of

  • Plenary and Keynote speakers who will address the Marine Challenges Theme
  • State-of-the-art technical presentations
  • Professional Tutorials in Marine Technology, Oceans Science and Oceanic Engineering
  • Student Poster sessions and competition

A major exhibition of industrial engineering and science companies, research institutions and academic establishments will complement the conference, in the newly modernised Aberdeen Exhbition and Conference Centre. Contributions for scientific and technical papers will be called for in 2006.

Aberdeen wishes you

Bon Accord and Ceud Mille Failte

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